Quality of Life Program

Having a Quality of Life plan is more than life insurance or dental benefits. It's about understanding the risks of life and having a plan to ensure you and your loved ones' quality of life will be taken care of. Having a Quality of Life™ plan provides peace of mind.

The Tough Questions

It's a tough conversation to have, but have you considered how your family's financial needs will be met in the event that your income is significantly reduced, or you are no longer able to provide for them?

Many people have foundational coverage through corporate plans at work. The question is whether it's enough to cover the need in the event of a crisis.

Balancing Risk

Over the course of life your needs and goals change. Moving up in your career, starting a family and raising your kids, aiming towards retirement, and reaching the point of semi- or full retirement – each stage of life has different priorities and challenges.

You can't insure against every eventuality, so Genssante helps you identify where your risks are highest and your needs the greatest. We respond to the needs that are most important to you, then we help you choose the options that are best to ensure you and your family's Quality of Life.

The balance between risks and financial needs changes over the course of your life.
  • Early death
  • Loss of ability to work due to accident or sickness
  • Critical illness
  • Loss of ability to perform activities of daily living
  • Incidental health expenses
  • Preventative health and early intervention
  • Longevity (living longer than anticipated)
  • Access to health care
  • Estate preservation

You can only make good decisions with good information. We take the time to be sure you understand and are comfortable with a Quality of Life Program™ that fits for your circumstances, and is flexible enough to change as your life changes.

As an employer you are uniquely placed to influence your employees in their "Quality of Life" planning. As you go about attracting, retaining and engaging employees, you probably recognize the value of a well designed health benefits plan. At Genssante we work hard to ensure you have the right plan for your business and that your employees appreciate the value of that plan in their own personal contexts.